About the Telekom Slovenije Group

The Telekom Slovenije Group is the leading communications service provider in Slovenia
and one of the most comprehensive communications service providers in the region.1

The Telekom Slovenije Group is one of the most comprehensive communications service providers in South- Eastern Europe. In addition to being the national telecommunications operator in Slovenia, it also operates through its subsidiaries in Kosovo, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro and Germany.

The Telekom Slovenije Group inspires its users with innovative technologies. It opens up new professional and personal avenues for them, and together cultivates an environment for the development of a community of opportunities.

The activities of the Telekom Slovenije Group comprise:

  • fixed and mobile communication services,
  • digital content and services,
  • multimedia services and digital advertising,
  • system integration and cloud computing services,
  • the development and implementation of solutions for managing business content and relations, and tools for managing and monitoring operations,
  • the construction and maintenance of telecommunication networks, and
  • the preservation of natural and cultural heritage in the Sečovlje Saltpans Regional Park.

1 GRI G4-3, G4-5, G4-9