Key strategic projects

  • Consolidation of the business support system (BSS):
    Telekom Slovenije’s objective is to consolidate and simplify the IT environment with the aim of ensuring a quick
    response to changing busi ness requirements.
  • Atlas:
    The objective of the Atlas project is to introduce new cloud computing services, which represents the development trend in the IT sector. We dedicated a great deal of attention to this area in 2014 and, following the successful implementation of the project, are planning to become the leading provider of cloud computing services, including for the largest business users.
  • eBadge:
    The objective of the eBadge project, which is co-financed by the EU, is to set up a pilot international smart grid, with an emphasis on supply and demand services. The grid will be located in Austria, Italy and Slovenia. Telekom Slovenije will serve in a visible role between stakeholders in the development of smart networks in Slovenia and the EU.
  • Evolution of mobile data services (LTE):
    LTE technology represents a major upgrade over existing UMTS and HSPA technologies, and facilitates the future development of the mobile network. With the implementation of the EMPS executive project, we are establishing a long-term business model for the marketing of Telekom Slovenije’s mobile data network and ensuring that the latter is highly competitive. We continued to expand the LTE network in 2014, and will continue to develop and upgrade it in the future.
  • WFM (Work Force Management) project:
    The project has been completed. The first effects of optimisation can be seen in an increased number of activities per employee. The system will be expanded both within Telekom Slovenije and at Group companies.