Vision, mission and values15


The Telekom Slovenije Group is a trustworthy partner to its users, with whom it creates a society of opportunities.


The Telekom Slovenije Group inspires its users with innovative technologies. We open up new professional and personal avenues for them, and together cultivate an environment for the development of a community of opportunities. With open, flexible, and scalable products and services, and attractive content, we continuously provide our users with effective, useful, reliable, entertaining and constantly evolving tools for business and leisure.


We live with the user.

Our guiding principle is a satisfied customer. We understand and respect their wishes and needs, and provide services that are simple, useful and tailored to those needs. Whenever they need information, advice or assistance, we are there to provide it.

We are reliable and innovative.

Through quality, reliability, innovation and flexibility, we offer our users the freedom to combine and intertwine our services, packages, content and products.

We act responsibly.

Our actions are ethical, heartfelt, responsible and sustainable with respect to the society and environment in which we operate. We encourage the development of knowledge, the exchange of experiences, the creation of innovative solutions, and operations that are people and environmentally friendly.

We create connections.

Telekom Slovenije Group employees work in a creative environment. We achieve excellent results because we are connected to one another, proactive, experienced and value an entrepreneurial mindset. We respect our agreements and keep our promises.

The key strategic policies of the Telekom Slovenije Group for the period 2015 to 2019 are presented below in point 1.10.3.

15 GRI G4-56