Share trading and key share-related financial data

Movement in the TLSG share price

The price of TLSG shares ended 2014 in positive territory, and stood at EUR 145.00 on the last trading day of the year. The share price thus rose by 19.29% in year-on-year terms. The SBI TOP index, which represents the largest and most liquid shares on the regulated market of the Ljubljana Stock Exchange, gained 19.59% over the same period.

Market capitalisation stood at EUR 947.64 million at the end of the year, ranking TLSG shares second on the market in this regard. In terms of trading volume, TLSG shares were the second most heavily traded securities in 2014.

Trading statistics for TLSG shares on the Ljubljana Stock Exchange

Standard price in EUR I – XII 2014 I – XII 2013
Highest daily volume 159.10 122.95
Lowest daily volume 120.00 77.50
Average daily volume 139.70 101.39
Volume in EUR thousand 2014 2013
Total volume for the year 46,494.00 33,632.74
Highest daily volume 1,165.05 1,536.83
Lowest daily volume 0.91 1.36
Average daily volume 187.48 136.72


Movement in the TLSG share price compared to the SBI TOP index and volume of trading in TLSG shares

Primerjava gibanja tecaja TLSG z gibanjem indeksa SBITOP in prometa delnic TLSG
Primerjava gibanja tecaja TLSG z gibanjem indeksa SBITOP in prometa delnic TLSG


Source: Ljubljana Stock Exchange, archive of share prices


Key financial data relating to shares

  31. 12. 2014 31. 12. 2013
Standard price (P) of one share on the last trading day of the period in EUR 145.00 121.55
Book value (BV)1 of one share in EUR 112.36 119.89*
Earnings per share (EPS)2 in EUR 2.76 7.87*
P/BV 1.29 1.01
Capital return per share during the year3 19.29 % 27.28 %


* Adjusted data for 2013

1The book value of one share is calculated as the ratio of the book value of Telekom Slovenije’s equity on the last day of the period to the weighted average number of ordinary shares during the accounting period excluding treasury shares.
2Earnings per share is calculated as the ratio of Telekom Slovenije’s net operating profit for the accounting period to the weighted average number of ordinary shares during the accounting period excluding treasury shares.
3The capital return per share is calculated as the ratio of the share price on the final trading day of the period minus the share price on the first trading day of the period to the share price on the first trading day of the period.

Investor relations24

Telekom Slovenije provides high-quality information to investors and other interested parties in a timely manner (more in point 1.8). The transparency of Telekom Slovenije Group’s operations is achieved by taking into account the criteria for the issuers of shares on the prime market and the information disclosure policy.

We carried out the following activities with the aim of high-quality investor relations:

  • In March we presented Telekom Slovenije to domestic and foreign investors (primarily institutional investors) during a webcast presentation intended for the most prominent Slovenian issuers. The presentation was organised by the Alta Group and Alta Invest;
  • in May we participated in individual meetings at an investment conference in Zagreb organised by the Ljubljana and Zagreb Stock Exchanges;
  • we communicated with interested domestic and foreign investors and analysts at individual
    meetings and teleconferences;
  • following the publication of operating results, we issued the quarterly TLSG newsletter for registered domestic and foreign recipients;
  • prior to the regular General Meeting of Shareholders, we issued the Telekom Shareholder magazine, which provides shareholders key information regarding the General Meeting and the Company’s operations; and
  • we organised a General Meeting of Shareholders and broadcast it live over the internet.

We also communicated regularly with investors, shareholders and other interested parties via the following email addresses:, in

Press releases

The Company regularly publishes price-sensitive and other important information on its website in the Investor relations section and on the Ljubljana Stock Exchange’s SEOnet website. A total of 33 press releases were issued in 2014, with simultaneous publication in Slovene and English.

Financial calendar

The financial calendar for 2015 was published in the Ljubljana Stock Exchange’s SEOnet system, and is also accessible on the Company’s website at, where any changes to the financial calendar in 2015 will be published.

Dividend policy

Telekom Slovenije’s dividend policy is adapted to the investment strategy and is aimed at ensuring the Telekom Slovenije Group’s long-term growth and development. It is formulated in line with the expectations of the Company’s owners.

At the 25th General Meeting of Shareholders, shareholders supported the counter proposal on the use of distributable profit for 2013, and adopted a resolution that the full amount of distributable profit be earmarked for the payment of dividends. This means the payment of dividends in the gross amount of EUR 10.00 per share.

Data and explanations related to the Mergers and Acquisitions Act

There were no changes in content related to mergers and acquisitions legislation. The situation as at 31 December 2014 was as follows:

  • There were no changes in the structure of Telekom Slovenije, d. d.’s share capital.
  • All TLSG shares were freely transferable.
  • Telekom Slovenije, d. d. did not hold any securities providing special controlling rights, nor did it have any limitations on voting rights.
  • The Company was not aware of any agreements between shareholders that might place any limits on the transfer of securities or voting rights.
  • At the 24th General Meeting of Shareholders, management was authorised to purchase treasury shares.
  • The Company’s rules on the appointment and replacement of members of management bodies, and regarding changes to the Articles of Association and the powers of management are set out in the Articles of Association.

Pursuant to the first paragraph of Article 70 of the Takeovers Act (ZPre-1), the Securities Market Agency controlled the implementation of the aforementioned act at the target company Telekom Slovenije. In proceedings, the agency found that the Slovenian government and certain companies (KAD, SOD, Aerodrom Ljubljana, Nova KBM, Luka Koper, Fund for Financing the Decommissioning of the Krško Nuclear Power Plant and Zavarovalnica Triglav) acted in concert with respect to the target company Telekom Slovenije according to the ZPre-1, as their total proportion of voting rights achieved and exceeded the takeover threshold. Because none of the aforementioned legal entities issued a takeover bid and thus changed the legal circumstance for the withdrawal of the sanction (prohibition on the exercising of voting rights), that prohibition remains in force.

The Company had two shareholders with a significant direct holding of its securities (i.e. a qualifying holding of 5% or more of voting rights) as at 31 December 2014. They were the Republic of Slovenia with 4,087,569 shares, representing 62.54% of the Company’s share capital and Kapitalska družba with 365,175 shares, representing 5.59% of share capital.

Treasury shares

The Company held 30,000 treasury shares as at 31 December 2014, representing 0.46% of equity. The number of treasury shares has remained unchanged since their acquisition in 2003.

At the 24th General Meeting of 1 July 2013, shareholders adopted a resolution authorising the Management Board to purchase treasury shares. That authorisation is valid for 36 months from the date the aforementioned resolution was adopted.

23 GRI G4-7, G4-13
24 GRI G4-26