Investments in fixed assets27

The Telekom Slovenije Group earmarked EUR 176.5 million for the construction, modernisation and development of networks and services, an increase of 56% or EUR 63.2 million on 2013 and representing 23.1% of operating revenues. Of the aforementioned amount, EUR 151.2 million was earmarked for investments by Telekom Slovenije, including the purchase of licences for the frequency domain (frequencies) in the amount of EUR 64.5 million, while the remainder was earmarked for investments in the development of networks in South Eastern Europe.

Investments in fixed assets

Telekom Slovenije Group 176,481 113,289 156
in EUR thousand 2014 2013 Ind.
Telekom Slovenije 151,158 72,890 207
Other companies in Slovenia 1,560 3,034 51
Ipko – Kosovo 13,944 13,070 107
Companies in Macedonia 9,078 20,455 44
Other companies abroad 3,355 6,811 49
Elimination and adjustment -2,614 -2,971 88


Breakdown of investments in fixed assets

Struktura naložb v osnovna sredstva

Breakdown of investments in fixed assets in 2014

Struktura naložb v osnovna sredstva v letu 2014

Financial investments

Telekom Slovenije accounts for the majority of financial investments within the Group. Investments in subsidiaries and joint ventures, and investments in the form of loans to Group companies account for the majority of financial investments.

The Group carried out the following activities in 2014:

  • the sale of its 50% participating interest in Gibtelecom Limited for EUR 47.7 million, and
  • a reduction in the share capital of Avtenta for EUR 3.6 million.

27 GRI G4-EC7, IO1