Sales and marketing

We offer users numerous new features in the range of contemporary technologies and services, by which we ensure superior quality and access to the most-advanced services. The Group maintained and increased customer satisfaction, and improved the user experience through enhanced and targeted sales. Access to services has been expanded through the development of the most state-of-the-art networks.

Highlights in 2014

  1. We maintained the highest market share in all segments in Slovenia.
  2. We increased customer satisfaction in the majority of segments.
  3. We upgraded fixed and mobile telephony packages with the aim of giving subscribers an improved user experience.
  4. We introduced a wireless internet subscriber package in locations where fixed broadband access is not possible.
  5. We introduced a range of new information security services for business users.
  6. We enhanced sales by adding a field team.
  7. We connected the first base stations to the most state-of-the-art LTE Advanced technology.