Customer satisfaction49

Customer satisfaction – fixed services

Customer satisfaction with Telekom Slovenije’s fixed services is measured twice a year. The results serve as an important tool for developing and improving products that are tailored to the user. Users perceive SiOL services as technologically powerful, with advanced TV services (including HD content), and appropriate for every family. In this regard, users emphasise the stability of the network and quality of services.

The greatest advantages of SiOL’s internet are its extensive network and stable functioning. SiOL TV has a significant
impact on the overall level of satisfaction with services. Relative to the users of other services, SiOL Box users are
more satisfied with the latter’s advanced functions such as the time function, content on demand and the video
library. SiOL TViN, which allows users to watch TV anywhere, anytime, also stands out in terms of satisfaction.

Users express a high level of satisfaction with the friendliness, professionalism and correctness of the operator, and with sales campaigns (responsiveness and speed).

Customer satisfaction – mobile telephony

Exceptional recognisability, selection and use characterise Telekom Slovenije’s mobile services. The most advanced users (technology enthusiasts) are the most satisfied with services, followed by users with simple requirements. Users are most satisfied with the quality of voice services, coverage and the stability of the network. Telekom Slovenije’s image as the company with the best mobile network is enhanced by LTE technology, while the range of products and services for young people brings a trendy image, creativity and innovation.

Customer satisfaction at other companies

Customer satisfaction is also measured at other subsidiaries. TSmedia measures satisfaction with online products on a daily basis through the use of online statistics and by receiving user opinions. It also measures satisfaction at least once a year via a research study. With the aid of a questionnaire, GVO regularly measures customer satisfaction after the completion of construction, and once a year by performing an analysis in accordance with the ISO 90001 standard. The proportion of the aforementioned company’s users who assessed its work as excellent was up 5% (61% of users).

Ipko conducts an annual quantitative study of customer satisfaction in Kosovo for the mobile and fixed segment. The satisfaction and loyalty of mobile service users improved again in 2014. On a scale from 1 to 5, the company scored 4.6, compared with 4.4 the previous year. Customer satisfaction fell for all operators in Kosovo in the fixed services segment, with Ipko achieving a score of 3.5, compared to its 2013 score of 3.7. Satisfaction with digital TV services was 3.6 compared with 3.7 in 2013. One did not carry out any customer satisfaction studies. A brand research study, however, indicates a customer satisfaction rate of 85% and a customer loyalty rate of 61%.

Blicnet monitors customer satisfaction on a monthly basis via the number of complaints received and interventions.

Market communication50

Telekom Slovenije achieved its long-term marketing strategy in 2014, which was established when Telekom Slovenije and Mobitel merged in 2011. We effectively established the combined Telekom Slovenije umbrella brand, under which we have woven a comprehensive range of fixed and mobile technologies. At the end of the year the brand achieved first place in terms of recall among Slovenian telecommunication operators.

The basis of Telekom Slovenije’s communication activities is a long-term standard platform. Those activities are based, in turn, on previous market analyses, experiences and the carefully segmented addressing of target groups.

Through carefully planned market communication activities in 2014, we successfully supported a range of comprehensive telecommunication services, while the messages in communication campaigns were effectively combined with the use of innovative communication channels.

We began the year with a market communication story that was linked to the Olympic Games in Sochi and derived from years of sponsorship of Slovenian Olympic representatives. The campaign included top Slovenian athletes and, under the umbrella slogan Uspehe množimo, ko jih delimo (Successes are Multiplied When Shared), linked them to a winning story intertwined with Telekom Slovenije’s range of mobile, fixed and content services.

The presentation of the Deezer advanced music service at Telekom Slovenije was supported by an imaginative advertising campaign, in which we transformed a Ljubljana acity bus into a travelling “music room” with the Deezer services.

During the summer we used the single Zgodbe, ki jih je vredno deliti (Stories Worth Sharing) platform to present a comprehensive offer that included new packages and an attractive summer offer. We continued using the single platform during the autumn, and ended the year with the emotional Želje, ki jih je vredno uresničiti (Wishes You’ll Want to Make Come True) advertising campaign aimed at attracting users to the Company’s offer. The campaign was accompanied by a selected Slovenian pop hit. In 2014 we also continued the successful and now traditional use of top Slovenian songs in Telekom Slovenije’s holiday market communication campaigns.

We actively supported a campaign in the small and medium-sized business user segment bearing the positional slogan Zgodbe, ki jih je vredno ustvarjati (Stories Worth Creating). We presented the advantages of our range of products and services using actual scenarios of use that are in line with needs of business users..

The Itak package for young people delivered the main message: Pogasi sovražnost. Govori ljubezen (Put an End to Hate. Speak the Language of Love). The Itak campaign calls on young people to join in a tolerant and respectful dialogue, and to support the socially responsible initiative Moč besed (The Power of Words), which was developed and carried out in cooperation with the Slovenian Friends of Youth Association. The Power of Words initiative thus appeared on all social networks, where users can find pictures and videos posted by co-supporters of the initiative, various instructions and advice about protection. We organised urban events in Koper, Maribor and Ljubljana, in which well-known artists created street paintings. Itak Ven also joined the initiative with an event, in the scope of which young people visited festivals throughout Europe to spread The Power of Words initiative.51

The first technical research in Slovenia on hate speech among young people on the web was carried out as part of The Power of Words initiative, and revealed that young people frequently encounter various forms of hate speech. Some 58% of young people between the ages of 15 and 25 have already received SMS/MMS with offensive content, while 47% of those surveyed have received offensive comments on social networks. A total of 35% of those surveyed have found false information about themselves on social networks, while 32% have received hate messages. Also of cause for concern is the fact that 11% of those surveyed during the research feel that they have been shamed via the web. More than 7% believe that they have been excluded from their respective societies in communication via the web.

In terms of online communication, we continued with the consolidation and centralisation of Telekom Slovenije’s online presence. A standardised online approach provides for the functional interaction of content and a uniform user experience on all portals. A total of 4.4 million visitors, 12.5 million visits and more than 56 million page views were recorded on the website.

Through an expanded presence on social networks, we provide users the possibility of co-creating content and thus an enriched user experience. In addition to Facebook and Twitter, we expanded our presence to other social networks such as LinkedIn and Google+. We recorded growth in requests for information and user technical support via the aforementioned channels in 2014.

Telekom Slovenije and TSmedia are signatories of the Slovenian Advertising Code. Compliance with the code is verified regularly, every time a communication project is planned. No procedures relating to breaches of the code were completed in 2014. TSmedia also adheres to examples of best practices prepared by the Slovenian Advertising Chamber (, while links to report hate speech have also been introduced via the Spletno oko (Online Eye) application. One and Ipko also respect
general professional advertising codes.52

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