Code of Business Ethics61

The Code of Business Ethics is the core document that defines conduct at Telekom Slovenije. The code defines thecore principles and rules by which employees, members of the Supervisory Board, and other persons performingwork for the Company are bound to act. Other Group companies have their own codes of business ethics. The codeincludes the principles of ethical conduct, relations between employees, with the employer, customers, shareholdersand the wider community, the protection of information and data, and the principles of communication. It representsthe standard for conduct, governance and management of the parent company and other Group companies. TheCode is accessible at

The Telekom Slovenije Group respects the dignity of its employees and rejects all forms of indirect or directdiscrimination, as stated in the code. The Group has found no evidence of the possible use of child or forcedlabour in any of the activities of Group companies or at its suppliers.62

Ensuring equal opportunities for employees regardless of personal circumstances is also one of the principles ofTelekom Slovenije’s governance policy. Mechanisms for identifying potential discrimination are set out in individualcodes of business ethics of the parent company and subsidiaries. Avtenta adopted Rules on the Prevention andElimination of Mobbing this year.

Work procedures are defined consistently at One with the aim of preventing discrimination. The company also has aspecially qualified committee to handle possible reports of mobbing. At Ipko, these mechanisms are set out in the codeof conduct, while an email address has been created where confidential complaints about such matters may be sent.

No cases of discrimination were recorded at Group companies.63

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