Communication with employees89

The Telekom Slovenije Group uses various communication channels and tools to communicate with its employees. All Group employees have access to the intranet news portal, through which we spread news about current events, activities or sales offers at Group companies. The portal was developed in Slovene and English. In addition, each Group company has its own separate portal.

The main tool for communicating with Telekom Slovenije employees is the Telekom intranet portal, which facilitates the fast, up-to-date and secure transfer of internal information, while serving as a dynamic and motivational centre. Numerous internal sub-portals function within the main portal, providing employees access to detailed information about individual projects and areas. Various documents, such as manuals, rules, instructions and forms, are also accessible. Employees may also pose questions to the President of the Management Board via the portal (via email).

In addition to the intranet portal, other tools are used to communicate with employees. They include councils, working meetings and workshops, emails, notice boards and special events for employees.


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