Family-Friendly Company certificate

As a holder of a full Family-Friendly Company certificate, Telekom Slovenije continues with the successful implementation of activities for the more efficient management of human resources, in particular the more efficient balancing of employees’ work and family life. 

We carried out several different activities during the year:

  • open house for ninth-graders and secondary school students at BrihtaLab;
  • we opened the doors of call centres in the scope of International Call Centre Week;
  • we participated in the intergenerational Simbioza project;
  • we organised daycare for the children of employees during school holidays;
  • we collected food and necessities for socially disadvantaged families;
  • we organised a lecture for employees during Children’s Week;
  • we organised an art contest entitled, “Creating Sporting Stories”; and
  • we gave gifts to newborns and first-graders, and organised a visit by Father Christmas for preschool children.    

Subsidiaries in Slovenia also carry out activities for employees and their families.    

Parental leave88

The use of parental leave is one of the indicators that are included in measures relating to the Family-Friendly Company certificate. Employees with the right to parental leave exercise that right in full. Mostly mothers opt to use parental leave, but there has been an increase in the number of fathers exercising the aforementioned right. Of the 144 employees who were on parental leave from Telekom Slovenije Group companies in 2014, 84 were from Telekom Slovenije, 14 from other companies in Slovenia and 46 from companies in South-Eastern Europe. In most cases, employees return to their jobs after using parental leave (the rate of return is 87.5% at the Group level and 97.6% at Telekom Slovenije).

Slovenije Group
 Telekom Slovenije
  2014 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014
Number of employees on parental leave 144 202 221 90 89 84
of which: women 136 108 124 79 81 77
men 8 94 97 11 8 7
Number of employees who returned to work following parental leave 126 202 214 89 86 82
of which: women 118 108 117 79 78 75
men 8 94 97 10 8 7


88 GRI G4-LA3