Occupational health and safety83

Telekom Slovenije implemented all measures relating to occupational health and safety, and fire protection. We took regular measurements of environmental conditions and lighting in the work environment for all locations where deemed necessary. Employees participated in various occupational health and safety training events, the majority of which were organised internally. Training was carried out in the following areas: workplace injuries, fire safety, work at height and training for those persons responsible for carrying out evacuations. We carried out regular inspections of personal protective equipment and supervised its use.

We updated the Modro jabolko (Wise Apple) health portal in 2014. Via the aforementioned portal, we notify employees of preventive examinations, vaccinations against various dangerous diseases and current health content. We also promote a healthy lifestyle by publishing useful articles and information about physical activity and a healthy diet.

Occupational health and safety is incorporated into the collective agreement of Telekom Slovenije and GVO. This area is also governed by the declaration of safety with risk assessments, including at companies with no collective agreement in place. Telekom Slovenije has six employees in formal health and safety committees that help advise on and monitor occupational health and safety programmes..84

At other companies abroad, this area is governed by the laws of individual countries and by the business policies of individual companies.

Risk assessments were carried out for individual jobs at One, and the necessary personal protective equipment provided based on those assessments. Safety at work training was also carried out. Training was also carried out at Ipko and Blicnet, with an emphasis on work at height at the latter.


Preventive medical examinations were organised for employees at Telekom Slovenije and other subsidiaries in Slovenia in accordance with the law. The Group continued to offer vaccination against tick-borne meningoencephalitis (TBE) for employees working in forests.85 Interest was lower, which we attribute to the fact that employees who are exposed to infection have already received vaccinations. Flu vaccinations were offered to all employees, although we have recorded diminishing interest for several years. Information on health topics and preventive care were also provided to employees via internal web communications. The systematic organisation of these types of vaccinations has not yet been introduced at companies abroad..

Significantly fewer workplace injuries and associated lost working days and hours were recorded relative to the previous year.

Healthcare and workplace injuries86

Safety at work and Healthcare 2014 2012 2013 Ind.14/13
Number of workplace injuries 36 71 44 82
Number of working days lost 1,090 2,197 1,136 96
Number of working hours lost 8,431 16,267 8,862 95
Number of medical examinations 1,124 989 1,690 67
- Preliminary examinations 588 226 159 370
- Periodic examinations 1,060 808 1,536 69
Number of employees vaccinated against flu 79 281 133 68
Number of employees vaccinated against TBE 55 281 133 41
Number of deaths 0 0 0 -


Telekom Slovenije has no employees at high risk to occupational diseases.87   

Fire safety

Two small fires were recorded in the Telekom Slovenije Group in 2014: at a base station due to a lightning strike and in a coffee machine. We drafted fire rules, and revised evacuation and fire plans for buildings where major changes were made. Fire extinguishers and hydrant networks were inspected and serviced in all buildings, and several evacuation drills were conducted. Fire safety training is an integral part of workplace safety training programmes.

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