Organisational climate, employee satisfaction and culture

Organisational climate was measured at the Telekom Slovenije Group level in autumn for the sixth consecutive year. The overall score fell by 0.04 relative to the previous year, from 3.66 to 3.62.

A drop in the overall score was recorded at the majority of companies, with Avtenta (3.26) and GVO (3.33) recording the lowest scores. Two companies in South-Eastern Europe recorded an increase in their overall score: Ipko by 0.05 and One by 0.18.

The responsiveness of employees in the study on the measurement of the organisational climate was at the level recorded in 2013, as 3,013 employees or 67.8% of all employees at Group companies completed the questionnaire, compared with 68% in 2013.

Changes in the organisational climate in the period 2010 to 2014

Company 2014 2010 2011 2012 2013 Change 2014-2013
Telekom Slovenije 3.69 3.71 3.67 3.71 3.76 -0.07
GVO 3.33 3.29 3.30 3.61 3.36 -0.03
Avtenta 3.26 3.38 3.46 3.63 3.66 -0.40
TSmedia 3.49 3.36 3.42 3.42 3.62 -0.13
Company 2014 2010 2011 2012 2013 Change 2013-2014
Blicnet 3.56 3.36 3.33 3.62 3.57 -0.01
Ipko 3.69 3.56 3.56 3.76 3.64 +0.05
One 3.60 3.49 3.08 3.23 3.42 +0.18


Employee satisfaction

The average assessment of employee satisfaction was also down slightly relative to 2013, from 3.77 to 3.72. We deem the drop in satisfaction to be the result of a general deterioration in conditions in Slovenia and the continued rationalisation of costs in all areas, including labour costs. The directors and heads of organisational units presented the results of the research to their employees. They discussed results and prepared action plans in areas where the results deviated from the average. We also adopted action plans that will contribute to an improvement in employee satisfaction.

Employees were notified of the research results at the Company level via the intranet.

Annual appraisal interviews81

Management by objectives has been carried out at the Telekom Slovenije Group for a number of years now. Annual appraisal interviews were also conducted at the majority of companies in 2014. Interviews covered the assessment of the achievement of the objectives and job performance of employees, the setting of objectives for the current year, and employee training and development plans.

Annual appraisal interviews were conducted with all employees at companies in Slovenia, except those employees on lengthy sick leave or maternity leave, new employees and reassigned employees, and employees in the process of employment termination. In terms of gender, the ratio was similar to the employee structure.

We drafted a proposal for upgrading the management by objective system and organised presentational workshops for managers with the aim of increasing the added value of the aforementioned system. The system will be upgraded in 2015.


81GRI G4-LA11