Social responsibility60

The Telekom Slovenije Group is part of the social environment in which it operates. We have therefore helpedto shape it for a number of years through our knowledge, support and funding. This is achieved throughprofessional and responsible customer relations, the rejection of any form of discrimination, respect forhuman rights and support for sporting, cultural, educational, environmental and humanitarian projects.

Highlights in 2014

  1. We remain one of the most important sponsors and donors at thenational and regional levels.
  2. We also supported Slovenian athletes during the Olympic Games.
  3. In a year marred by natural disasters, we enhanced our support forhumanitarian and volunteer organisations and groups.

We demonstrate our social responsibility by including employees in the Company’s activities, by supportingthe functioning of Slovenian sport and culture, and by supporting vulnerable groups and individuals. We alsosupport projects in the fields of science, education and environmental protection. Social impacts are reportedin the sections and sub-sections Concern for users, Market communication, Responsibility to employees andRegulation of electronic communications.

Areas of activity, target groups and the extent of support for socially responsible projects were selected inaccordance with the sponsorship and donation strategies of individual Group companies. To that end, we tookinto account added value for the Group’s users.

The Telekom Slovenije Group is among the most visible sponsors of and donors to sporting, cultural, educational,humanitarian and environmental projects in Slovenia and the region. Funds earmarked for this purposeamounted to EUR 2.7 million in 2014, or 0.4% of the Group’s operating revenues.

Allocation of sponsorship and donation funds by purpose

Porazdelitev sponzorstev po namenu

Major sponsorships and donations


The year in sports was characterised primarily bythe participation of Slovenian athletes at the WinterOlympic Games in Sochi.

  • Sponsorship of sporting events: the 2014 SochiWinter Olympic Games and cooperation with theSlovenian Olympic Committee, qualification forthe 2016 European Football Championship, the2014 World Cup ski flying competition in Planica,the Franja Marathon and international swim meetin Radovljica.
  • Sponsorship of sporting associations: theSlovenian Ski Association, the Slovenian FootballAssociation (the national team and SlovenianFirst Football League), the Ice Hockey Federationof Slovenia, the Slovenian Athletics Associationand the Slovenian Judo Federation.
  • Sponsorship of the sporting clubs: support ofbasketball clubs (Union Olimpija, Slovan, Krka andHelios Domžale), handball clubs (Pivovarna Laško,Krim and Gorenje Velenje) and the Maribor footballclub.
  • Sponsorship of individual Slovenian athletes:Primož Kozmus, Jakov Fak, Filip Flisar, PeterKauzer and Vasilij Žbogar.

In addition to major sporting events and top athletes, we also provided significant support to local events, individuals and groups. To that end, special attention is given to children and adolescents, who represent a particularly vulnerable group in the current adverse economic conditions.


We continue to earmark support for certain culturalevents that have grown over the years into highprofilecultural gatherings that have even expandedbeyond the borders of Slovenia:

  • LIFFe, the Ljubljana Summer Festival and the LentFestival.
  • We have been a sponsor of the National Opera andBallet in Maribor and the Ljubljana Puppet Theatrefor many years.

Science, education and conferences

Special attention is given to supporting the Postand Telecommunications Museum in Polhov Gradec,which Telekom Slovenije co-founded. We supportnumerous other events in the fields of science andeducation.

Major events include:

  • the Gazela 2014 project,
  • the House of Experiments,
  • the Reading Badge and Happy School projects, and
  • the graduation parade.

Environmental projects

Partnership cooperation in the Eco-Quiz projectwith the aim of educating primary schoolstudents about the environment.

Humanitarian projects

The global economic crisis and two natural disasters(an ice storm and floods) left a significant markon 2014. The Telekom Slovenije Group respondedquickly and effectively to calls for assistance, andhelped find a solution via several activities, includingfunds to individuals and humanitarian organisationsand other forms of assistance.

Our support includes:

  • Humanitarian organisations: Friends of YouthAssociation, the Slovenian Red Cross, the SlovenianHospice Association and the Slovenian Associationof Telephone Counsellors for Persons in Distress.
  • Fire Fighters Association of Slovenia.
  • We participate in campaigns to raise funds forpersons in social distress via call centres and SMSdonations.
  • Smaller voluntary humanitarian organisationsand institutions, and socially disadvantagedindividuals.

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